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It is essential that you make the effort to pick a reputable cleaning company. You could not have an excellent experience if you pick the initial affordable business you can locate or rely on a person you do not know at all to clean your home. You need to ensure the firm you pick supplies excellent quality solutions, values you as a customer, and also properly trains their staff members.

If you know anyone that makes use of professional cleaning company, ask them regarding the cleaners they currently use and regarding the solutions they’ve utilized in the past. This could be a wonderful method to find a reliable company in your location. If after talking with your friends, loved ones, neighbors and also colleagues, no one can suggest a great cleaning service, your ideal option is to do some research study on the Internet.

A reliable cleaning service must have some type of on the internet existence. Not all small companies have their very own sites, but they must at least have profiles in regional business directory sites or on social media sites websites. Try monitoring business directory sites to obtain an extensive list of cleaners in your location, in addition to their get in touch with details. You can after that proceed to calling these businesses to discover more concerning rates and services.

Online testimonials as well as ratings can be an exceptional way to choose a reliable cleanser. You can typically locate reviews and also scores on social media sites and also on organization directories.You will certainly get a much better idea of what to expect from a service if you examine the evaluations shared by or posted on a third party website.

There are a couple of warnings that can aid you easily identify low quality cleaning company. You need to not choose a firm that has actually made invoicing mistakes in the past. You need to be able to trust your cleaner to charge you for the solutions supplied without making any kind of errors. Any type of instance of staff members and reps being disrespectful to clients is an additional red flag you need to watch out for. On top of that, another element to watch on in testimonials are points out of employees who are hired with no history checks or not effectively educated. A few negative reviews must not be a problem as long as they do not mention any of these flags.

You ought to put in the time to call different specialist cleaning services to get quotes. Some firms provide fixed prices to their customers, while others compute quotes based on the surface areas that need to be cleansed, the services you require and also how typically you need them. You might be able to discover lower rates if you request for a customized quote instead of selecting a cleaner with fixed prices, however you can additionally encounter cleaning company with far better fixed prices contrasted to what various other regional companies are offering.

Do not forget to ask a few inquiries while you request a quote or inquire about rates. Discover who will be entering into your residence. Ask if they will be alone or accompanied by a manager. Figure out just how workers are picked as well as trained, and also see to it the cleaning company you choose performs background checks. Professional cleansers could be cleansing your house when you are not there, as well as you must feel comfortable regarding having these individuals in your house.

You need to likewise ask about insurance. A great cleansing business should have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers any kind of kind of damages done by cleansers in your home. Although professional cleansers need to recognize how to do their work without triggering damage, it is best to remain on the safe side and also to pick a cleansing company with sufficient protection. Moreover, having a detailed insurance policy is constantly a sign that the proprietors are serious and dependable.


The bustling city of Chicago is home to numerous music festivals and other cultural events that ensure that there is something for everyone to do all year long. Here are a few of the more notable events you should know about coming up for 2020. Write them in your schedule so you don’t miss any of the excitement.

Chicago Cultural Center– There is always something to do at the Chicago Cultural Center. Entertainment, arts, music and theatre productions will be taking place there all year long, so check with the center’s website to see what is upcoming for 2020 and plan accordingly. Keep in mind that some events will change from the schedule, so keep checking to see what the latest updates are.

Juicebox- This series of concerts is aimed at toddlers, but the whole family will enjoy seeing how excited the little ones get about the music events. Dancing and singing performers bring the stage alive in the winter, spring and fall each year, on every other Friday and Saturday. The Juicebox performances will be held on the first and third Friday of the month at the Chicago Cultural center and on the first and third Saturdays of the month at the Garfield Park Conservatory.

New Year’s Eve in Paris- You can experience a bit of France in the city of Chicago this New Year’s. This is a special tour that takes you from your hotel to a cruise ship and to several key dining spots. For the ticket price ($300 for reservation and $4,999 in total), you’ll get several days of activities that include museum visits, a cabaret performance and much more. This is a great way to ring in the New Year in style.

NBA All-Star Weekend- For basketball fans, this February weekend is going to be big. The top stars of the game will be coming together for a major event that you will not want to miss. It takes place on Valentine’s Day at 7pm and is a great way to spend a date night or to have a guy’s night out for your single friends.

Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo– While this event is mostly about the comics, it’s also a great place to learn about upcoming movies, television shows and more in the world of entertainment. The expo will feature major movie and TV stars as well as comic creators, artists and ore. There will be discussion panels, product announcements, tons of items for sale and a diverse array of cosplay to enjoy.

SoxFest- This is the can’t-miss event for Chicago White Sox fans. In a venue of 100,000 square feet, this festival will bring thousands of fans together to meet their favorite baseball stars. It’s the 28th year the festival has been held, and the turnout is always spectacular. Children enjoy discounted prices of $20 for two day passes, while adults pay $75.

Check out upcoming events happening every week in Chicago.


During the prohibition Era, Chicago was known as hotbed of moonshine-making and alcohol-running, so it isn’t surprising that this city is still known today for its drink selection. Now, it’s all legal of course, so here are some of the best signature drinks the city has to offer.

Coco Taro- We start off our list with a nonalcoholic drink- the coco taro from Bee and Tea. This bubbly tea is an iced combination of taro tea and coconut milk. It’s served at a bubbly tea shop, so customers can have it with their choice of boba topping. The drink can also be served hot, if desired. It’s rich and creamy and can safely be enjoyed with tapioca pearls or honey. For something a bit more exotic, you might want to try it with lychee jelly or red beans.

Strawberry Mojito- This colorful, flavorful drink is the perfect complement to the cozy designs of Chicago’s May St. Café. It combines mint leaves, strawberries, syrup, sugar, cane rum and limes for a delightful, fruity twist on the classic drink. This is a true summer drink that’s endlessly refreshing and bursting with color.

Box Lunch- Styled like an upscale school box lunch, this combination of spirits, chocolate and caffeine is a great grown-up drink for the child in all of us. The presentation is the best reason to try it, as it is served in a glass styled to look like a cafeteria box chocolate milk. The complex mixture of dark chocolate, Thai coffee, cream and liqueur ensure it is anything but standard cafeteria fare, and it feels right at home in the upscale House 406.

Freddo Fresko- You might not think it is worth going out of your way for an iced cappuccino in Chicago. After all, there are coffee houses on nearly every corner that can serve the same drink. The reason we suggest you do search out the Freddo Fresko at the Fresh Fresko café is that the way it has been made is simply peerless. The execution is what makes this drink stand out, as it uses natural ingredients prepared by an experienced barista to give you a comforting, frothy drink that feels like it belongs in a fine dining establishment.

Boston Club Punch- Bordel serves a lovely punch that retails for $12 a teacup. It’s a mixture of orange oleo, sparkling wine, lemon, raspberry, Jamaican rum, cognac, and Grand Marnier. The presentation here is top notch, and a fine reason to seek it out. The drink is served in an ornate teacup (or pot, if you splurge) and is right at home in the upscale Bordel.

Root Beer Float- For sheer decadence, you can’t beat what the Brown Cow Parlor is offering with its signature root beer float. It is actually made from fresh ingredients every time and is brewed entirely in house, giving it a unique flavor and that real touch of homemade goodness that you can’t get at your standard coffee shop or restaurant chain. There is something special about a drink that takes this much work and that is being made entirely before your eyes.

Chicago has a lot more signature drinks to try, and these are just a sampling of what’s on offer.

Is Your Event Space Guest Ready?

If you are thinking about hosting guests in your event space, you will need to ensure the space is ready for your guests. This means cleaning the facility, prepping adequate space and seating, ensuring all facilities are in working order and checking with the guests to see what they may need for the event

Proper Cleaning Makes Your Venue More Appealing

Don’t underestimate the power of a good cleaning for your event space. The floors are the most important part to clean, but you’ll also want to focus some energy on the bathrooms and make sure all toiletry items are well stocked.

What many even hosts will do is hire a cleaning service to handle to this part of their preparations. They may have a lot of work to do and don’t want to take the time to do the cleaning themselves, or they trust that a professional cleaning company will be able to do a better, more thorough job. Either way, it is worth considering hiring someone who is qualified for this job. Here at Red Line Tap, we got House Cleaning Services From Diamond Company and we highly recommend them.

Check the Facilities

How badly will it ruin your event if there is a burst pipe or some of the toilets are not working properly? Your guests are not going to be happy, and you may even need to close down the venue and cancel the event if the problem is serious enough. While your place may be able to operate fine with its day-to-day usage, once you get a lot of guests in there, your plumbing and various facilities will be put under a lot of strain. It’s a good idea to check the pipework, sinks, faucets, toilets, doors and other parts of your venue that your guests will be using throughout the event. Make sure everything is working perfectly and perform this check a few days ahead of time. That way, if you find something wrong, you have time to fix it yourself or bring in an expert (like a plumber) to take care of it before your event.

Check with Your Guests

You might have some guests that require special attention at your event. Someone in a wheelchair may need a ramp installed. Your guests might have food allergies that need to be addressed, and you may need to adjust the menu accordingly. You might also want to check with you guests to see if they are bringing children and ensure that there are proper facilities, beverages and adequate seating for them.

As you prepare your venue, don’t forget about the exterior of the place. You’ll want to ensure there is enough parking for everyone and make sure your guests will be able to park in such a way that those who want to leave early can do so.

There is a lot to prepare for you guests before they arrive, and the work can feel overwhelming. You may need to bring in some professionals to do some of it, and your work will pay off with an event that goes smoothly and that is fun for your guests.


Chicago is home to some of the best dishes in the country, but did you know that it is also the place where many great foods started out? That’s right- the Windy City is really the only place to get some of these foods in their authentic, original flavors and made the way that they were meant to be enjoyed.

Deep Dish Pizza- This is the one that everyone knows Chicago for, and there are some many great places to try this signature pizza at. You may also want to branch out and try some less traditional methods of deep dish pizza while in the city. There are a lot of pizzerias that have taken the conventional recipe and done some amazing things with it.

Italian Beef- This sandwich is famous around the world, and it was probably invented at Al’s Beef in 1938. The sandwich started as a way to take beef that wasn’t very tasty and preserving it to make it last longer, all while adding some spices to it to give it more appeal. The original Al’s Beef in Chicago will let you try the sandwich wet, which gives the signature dish a generous helping of gravy to make it even more unique.

Wrigley’s Gum- Of course, gum has been in use for thousands of years, but the Wrigley’s Gum company started out in Chicago back in 1891 by a soap and powder salesman. Wrigley’s Field is actually named after the advertising genius behind this gum. People all around the world know and love the gum because its creator had the brilliant idea to send a stick to everyone who was listed in the phone book back when the company first started.

Twinkie- Another globally known product had its humble beginning in Chicago. James Dewar worked for the Continental Baking Company and first filled the spongey cake treat with banana crème. Vanilla was added later and became the signature filling for this packaged treat.

Vienna Beef- Chicago may be known for its veggie-filled hot dogs, but the frankfurters that make up those hot dogs also come in a signature style. Vienna beef was brought over to Chicago from Vienna and was popularized during the Great Depression. The same type of hot dogs are used all over the city, and it is part of what makes Chicago hot dogs such definitive game day staples.

Chocolate Brownies- Chicago is real a food lover’s paradise, as we wouldn’t have chocolate brownies without Chicago resident Bertha Palmer. She was looking to create a new kind of treat that would be similar to a cake but small enough to fit into a lunch container. She used crushed walnuts, semi-sweet chocolate and apricot glaze for her initial brownies, and the name “brownie” didn’t even come into use until years later in a catalogue from Sears Roebuck.